French Dictionary and Thesaurus with Verbs App Reviews

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Bug: Adaptive text size incorrectly programmed.

If you enlarge iOS adaptive text, this program will make its text relatively smaller - making the text impossibly small to read. Otherwise, it is a pretty good app.


I don't like this new version at all. Certain words are not even included, (for example "et" is not to be found). The pronunciation is a very important feature (also missing). I want my money back

New design

I really like the new design. One search bar-smart. Thank you!

not worth to buy

worst dictionary ever, refund, pls!

Very lazy/incomplete dictionary

Will often provide a single word as a definition - if you don't know what that word means and you look it up, it will define that word as the first word you looked up... For 20 bucks this is low quality stuff


Now that's what I call a dictionnary!!! Absolutely worth every penny! Improvement: add more sentences that use the word searched. Adding antonym/synonyms for all words (in the dictionnary part) would be a nice bonus!!!

Doesn't conjugate être, can't look up using conjugated verbs

I purchased this application hoping it would be a French dictionary that I could use to look up the definition of French words in French. It isn't going to be useful for that. The first word I wanted to look up was fussent. To my disappointment, the app does not take a conjugated verb and return the infinitive. My next disappointment was discovering that the app doesn't conjugate the verb être.

Ce dictionaire c'est parfait étudier le français.

if you want to find a dictionary that will help you find what you need, then look no further. This all French dictionary works well when you find yourself in a hard situation when you don't know what to say. In search mode it has live updating of your search. And the conjugator is very useful. And numeric key pad is a fantastic addition to this app. It shows numbers in digits and shows the user how the numbers are in written form. This is a great app. It deserves . It is a must have for your BUY IT!!! There will be no regrets. And alike all the Ultralingua Inc. Apps, this one is magnificent. Just like the rest. Great job!!

Very good

Very good, broad range of definitions. My favorite feature: dictionary (i.e. one can touch any word within a definition and look that one up too--without having to type it in.). Also, addressing something i've read others writing about: the 'x' to clear the entry is no smaller than any other Apple-made app. i've found it best to touch a little to the left of center on the 'x'. the back button *would* be a nice feature addition (a little like the back button in itunes). the price is definitely worth it for the quality of the app.

Good but missing a major feature

This application has some useful features with its conjugations, numbers, and thesaurus, but it doesn't permit you to browse through the list of words like any other regular dictionary. You must search for a word, and, if an entry is not found, it may provide a suggestion, but that suggestion may not be the proper word. For example, if you misspell the word 'plustard' as 'plutard', the app offers 'plumard' as a possible match. If you could simply scroll through the list of words, you might have some chance of finding the word even if you have misspelled it.

Fantastic reference.

This is by far the best application for language reference. Not only is it easy to use but it contains so much information and it is well organized, explained and easy to read.

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